Tomorrow is November 1, but most of us have already sipped a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha from a Red Cup, browsed through Target's Christmas display, or even sneaked in a Christmas tune or two. The holidays begin sooner and sooner every year, and every year we feel the compounding toll it takes on us the closer we get to Christmas. Family dinners. Company parties. Shopping. Eating. Debt. Rain. Traffic. Black Friday. Still eating.

With all this stuff, no wonder we become the walking dead by New Years. 

This November, we're being intentional about slowing down. Being still. And hearing God through the noise. 

On Sundays, we're talking about God's will, seeing Him in everyday life, and abiding in Him (John 15). Coupled with this idea, we are issuing a daily challenge for you: choose at least one challenge a day (Posters will be available at The Sacred Church Sunday services for free. Save this image if you want to start tomorrow):

 Choose a daily Slovember Challenge to help you slow down, be still, and hear God through the noise.

Some of these challenges are simple, while others will require some planning. Some challenges want you to unplug, and others want you to genuinely connect with a real person. A few will stretch your relationship with God and force you to take time listening and reflecting. All of it these should be good for you.

Join us this SLOvember and become fully alive in Christ!