Money is messy, especially in the church. So why are we talking about Money Matters?

Because if we don't,  too many of us will continue living in a prison of financial debt and stress. The good news is we can learn how to get out of financial bondage by getting smart with our money, learning practical and biblical principles, and knowing the heart behind Money Matters. This isn't a series about getting rich, quick-fixes, or building campaigns.

I know money is a sensitive topic, but I promise is to talk about money in a integrity-filled, transparent, God-honoring way. And I believe whole-heartedly that if you give God the time, he will speak to you and your financial situation. 

So here is what you can expect this week: Why Money Matters (1 of 3)

Jesus talked about money... a lot. In fact, he talked more about money than heaven and hell combined. Money Matters because it uncovers the root of our most common sins-- idol-making, control, and entitlement. Jesus wants to move us from fear and greed into trust, obedience, and worship.

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