If you haven't heard, we are doing something incredibly counter-intuitive this month of November. Instead of speeding up and wearing out, we're slowing down, being still, and hearing God through the noise.

Here's the top-3 things you need to start Slovember off right!

  1. Check out the list of daily challenges to help you slow down, be still, and hear God through the noise. Choose one a day or a couple a day! Find a person, inside of Sacred or not, to do these challenges with you! (Physical posters are available on Sundays at Sacred)
  2. Listen to yesterday's Slovember message, "Naps, Lunch, and Solitude".
  3. On Facebook? We have a Slovember group to encourage one another stay on track! 

Already, people are catching the restorative power of being still in God's presence. One individual at our church said it like this:

"At other churches we know, there is an increasing drumbeat urging members to volunteer more, do more, and become more active as the holiday season approaches. The difference between what I've experienced for 30 years during this season and what I'm experiencing now is breathtaking"

Looking forward to slowing down with you this November!