"May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you." -Jude 2

Just an 11th hour reminder that we will not be meeting at Burlingame High School tomorrow or next week! Instead we have our annual Christmas Brunch at Delancy Street Restaurant! We have even more people attending this year than last, but because we moved to the larger room we still have 4 more chairs available. If you didn't RSVP but would like to go, send me a message or just try your luck and just meet us there.

If you are going to the Christmas Brunch, here's everything you need to know:

  1. Where: Delancy Street Restaurant @ 600 Embarcadero, San Francisco (it will take 25ish minutes to get there from Burliname).
  2. When: 11am-1ish
  3. Attire: Christmas Casual
  4. Money: $20 per person, plus a couple dollars for valet tip (valet included in the $20). Please bring cash if you have not yet paid.

If I don't see you tomorrow, Merry Christmas! And I'll see you next week at Atria Senior Living Center.