This afternoon, a team from The Sacred Church went to a neighborhood senior living center to give hand and foot massages to the residents. It may sound plush, but this little act of kindness dramatically comforts seniors and can have major medical benefits. 

As we gave our massages, we learned about the resident's life-- their childhood, favorite vacations, and their favorite memories. A memorable interaction was with an exuberant 96-year old woman who confessed to having 4 boyfriends die on her in the past several years! I guess it just wasn't meant to be, she told us with a smile.

There was another woman who was very accomplished in her lifetime, but seemed troubled for the 20-minutes. Why are you doing this, she'd ask. We want to serve our community-- we want to love on our neighbors, I'd respond. She was puzzled, looking for another motive.

As I left Atria that afternoon, I was overcome with God's presence and this deep impression as if God was saying, I love them. It was deep, and powerful. And I can't wait to go back again next month.