"Barely any seats left today"
-Jen about this past Sunday's full morning service

One of my favorite work-orders is requesting the facility crew to add more chairs! Sometimes, I would request a couple more chairs in a faith that they will be filled. Yesterday, I requested more chairs in worship of the work that God's been doing. Chairs were filled and people had to overflow into the front row (I know, desperate times call for desperate measures). God's presence was in our worship. Many responded from Sunday's message (you can listen to "You Complete Me"). It was a great day to be with my favorite people!

I do want to clarify something about growth: we are growing in depth as much as we are growing in width. I call this "healthy growth". Too much of one without the other is dangerous, but a balance of both is desirable.

God is moving in and through our community! Our best days are ahead of us (but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate in the moment).

 -Pastor Josh

 Packed day at The Sacred Church! Our worship band was rocking. Seats were filled. God moved.