What if I told you your sin problems are probably identity problems?

And what if your negative perceptions of God is more likely negative self-perceptions of you-know-who?

You are not the labels people put on you. You are not your occupation. You are not even the surface-level refection you see in the mirror. So how do you know your true identity? By laying down who we think we are to become who God says we are.

In just two-weeks, we are going to be jumping into a life-altering Sunday sermon series about laying your identity on the altar: "Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are". The book of Ephesians in scripture is packed with rich content about who we are in Christ, and how that changes everything.

"Altar Ego" begins on February 2 at The Sacred Church with our corresponding community group beginning on February 12 (more details to come).