If you financially donated to The Sacred Church in 2013-- thank you! Without your generosity, the ministry of The Sacred Church would cease to exist. 

You will be receiving your 2013 Giving Statements in the mail this upcoming week.

  • You can claim your donations as 'charitable giving' for your 2013 taxes.
  • If you are anxious to receive your receipt (or you misplace it between now and tax-time), you can always download your giving statements in your MySacred online account.
  • Please email admin@thesacredchurch.com if you have any questions.

Now a little update on where we were and where we are headed: As I look back on this past year, I’ve viewed 2013 as The Year of Reinforcement. When The Sacred Church was launched in 2012, we witnessed many miracles, breakthroughs and growth; we built valuable relationships within our community through the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department. Following our 1-year birthday, God began moving our church to strengthen our foundation, fortify our leadership team, and create scalable models for ministry.

Here are some highlights from The Year of Reinforcement:

  • Eric Dueck joined the team as our Outreach Pastor, building greater opportunities with civic organizations and launched a ministry team to visit and minister to a local senior living center. Eric also received his pastoral license with the Assemblies of God.

  • Amanda Coffman moved into more Executive Pastor responsibilities, overseeing ministry and development that has brought a stronger foundation to our spiritual oversight and ministry effectiveness.

  • 60% of our regular attenders volunteered in some capacity. Every volunteer ministry team “deepened their bench” with more help and several training and development opportunities so everyone can do their job more effectively.

  • Not only were our systems and leadership reinforced, but our “spiritual backbone” was shored up with a full-year of weekly intercessory prayer meetings. We have seen God’s power, signs and miracles during these times.

Whereas 2013 was The Year of Reinforcing, 2014 is developing into The Year of Vision. God is already concentrating our focus, aligning our team, and unifying us around three common dreams for 2014:

  1. Defying the “do-it-alone” culture by cultivating meaningful community

  2. Maximising Sunday’s opportunities

  3. Reinforcing our conviction to being a church for our city

Thank you for contributing to the dream in 2013. Without your aid, we would not have the capital to continue the ministry God has called us to do. As you consider your donations for 2014, I pray God would move you to faith in our ministry on the San Francisco Peninsula and continue supporting our ministry. Donation options are available on our website:  www.thesacredchurch.com/donate

Grace and Peace,

Josh Herndon