For the past three weeks, we have been looking into the future of Sacred and painting a picture of what we're going to be about this upcoming year:

The truth is, these dreams are too big for us, which means they are the the right size for God. Are your dreams small enough to achieve on your own? Or do you set your sights so high that God needs to intervene if there's any chance it will work? That's usually where the best stories are made and the greatest miracles take place!

I just read a study about how our community is one of the least Bible-minded communities in the nation (97 of 100). The path we're headed down isn't an easy one, and it certainly isn't free of resistance! But it's the greatest of adventures I could imagine embarking on! But we can't go on it alone, and we can't be sustained on our own strength.

This upcoming week (starting this upcoming Monday), I'll be calling a church-wide week of prayer and fasting because there's no way we can achieve any of our goals without God's intervention! In two-years, we've never had an official church-wide fast, so we'll be breaking down what fasting and prayer is this upcoming Sunday. (And maybe you have a dream or dilemma and you're desperate to hear from God, or find an answer. Please fast and pray for that, too.)

Be sure to be at The Sacred Church tomorrow at Burlingame High School at 11am... Our future depends on it!