Since starting our series on Treasure, many Sacreders have begun taking inventory of what they have (rather than being paralyzed by what they don't have), preparing for provision, and following God's instructions when it comes.

I had this quick conversation with a Sacreder following our talk about God's Provision:

Sacreder: "Just a quick note.  They way this week is going, I may need to find some more jars quick."

Me: "I assume that's a good thing? :)"

Sacreder: "Yeah.  I'll tell you Sunday.  But what you preached on seems to be happening to us."

Me: "That's what I'm talking about!"

Later on, I got this note from a Sacreder when she starting taking inventory of what she had, and recognized how much God has been blessing their family:

"So last week's message really meant a lot to me and really got me thinking and I do really want to make sure my oil keeps flowing.  I feel like God has been blessing us so much lately and I want to make sure I am doing right with the money He is blessing us with.  Now we are in no means rich and we don't have stocks or anything to fall back on in the future.  But He has blessed us and me with so many job opportunities it's been kinda crazy."

As we shared in this past week's message: reporting what God is doing is an important part of stewardship! So what is God doing in your life? Is there a new opportunity? New insight into your situation? Is God answering a prayer?  God is on the move... don't be too distracted to miss it!