Maybe God wants to do something bigger in us before he wants to do something big through us.

I mentioned to a friend the other day how unproductive my day was. He asked me about it and I gave him a laundry-list of busy-but-uninspiring things, like taking my daughter to the park and doing laundry. He challenged me by suggesting, "if you think that's unproductive... maybe you need to change your perspective of what productive is."

With that in mind, this article, "So Your Life Didn't Turn Out The Way You'd Hoped", hit home:

Many of us were raised with world-changer expectations, being constantly told, “you’re unique. You’re going places.” And that may very well be true. We each do have a unique contribution to make, but it might not look like what we typically expect world-changing to look like. We expect people to not only like us, but sing our praises and opportunity to come seeking us out. Significance always feels just out of our reach.

In Psalm 16:4-5, David realizes, “The sorrow of those who run after another god shall multiply ... The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup.” He saw the misery of those aimlessly chasing and wandering, looking for meaning. And because he saw that, David didn’t just acknowledge that God could be enough, but chose to live his life in a way that reflected that God was enough and that there was meaning right where God had him. His circumstances and surroundings were not a mark of his lack of value and purpose.

You can read the full article here.