If it seems like routine has been compromised, a big move is coming, or there is something-out-of-the-ordinary-- before you throw a fit or try and fix it, stop and ask-- God, what are you doing? What am I supposed to be learning?

We've been a church-on-the-move, meeting in 4 locations in 4 weeks. Here's what I've learned about our community this past month and what I think God is telling us:

What I learned about us:

1) We Aren’t Falling into the ‘Attractional Trap’

It’s a temptation for anyone to be attracted to the shiniest and most convenient objects in the room-- even church people. But when we stripped everything down to an unplugged service in the park, I heard several comments about how we should be doing this more, not less.

2) We are Good at Being Adaptive

One of the key characteristics of any missionary is the ability to be adaptive. When someone is married to their comfort, style, or preset ideas-- it’s hard to come out of those plans when opportunity arises.  You adapted well when we had our change of plans and I didn’t hear one whisper about it. You care more about the church people than the church facility-- and that’s healthy. I am so proud of you, and I love pastoring this community.

3) “We” are Changing

The face of Sacred is evolving. We’ve had an influx of people into our community who are hungry for God, relationships, and belonging. From these past few weeks I’ve seen that “we” are changing. And the new “we” is “you”.

What I Think God is Doing:

1) He’s Whetting our Appetite

When we walked into the theater last month, I saw eyes open wide as God begin to play with our heart strings. I think Pastor Eric said it best, “we can pack out this room by next year-- no problem”. There’s a fearless-spirit that’s arising. And last week seeing three people profess their lives transformed by the gospel? I think he’s whetting with our appetites because he’s showing us what could be.

2) He’s Longing for our Affection

“One of the main byproducts of losing intimacy with God is doing ministry out of memory than imagination.” When God shook us out of routine, I think maybe he snapped us out of a daze to wake us up. I think he wants our affection, and imagination will follow. I think there’s a better way to do and be the church that no one has thought of yet-- and that’s on the other side of our full affection for him.

This is what I learned about our community and sensed God speaking. But what about you-- what do you think is going on?