A pastor-friend of mine made this comment this past week:

If your church didn’t exist anymore, would your community even care?

I was thinking of this question on Saturday as a handful of Sacred-ers joined me at Atria Senior Living Center to give some manicures, hand and foot massages for residents who suffer from Alzheimers and dementia-related diseases. I had the chance to pray with a woman whom we've seen every month for the past year who is very close to death. Later, a woman whispered in my ear, "you have no idea how important what you're doing is."

"Our goal isn't to be the biggest company, just the best". I read this on a company truck yesterday. I felt like it was a God-send. I know it's easy within a smaller community to question our significance and greater impact... will they even care if we don't exist?

But that's my personal goal for our church and why we do stuff like Atria: to simply be our best. Visiting senior centers or spinning cotton candy to donate to our city's youth scholarship fund won't translate to tithes or increase attendance... but it is us being at our best trying to become the church that Jesus intended. And they'd care very much if we didn't exist. And that's good enough for me.

Good job, Sacred.