Starting this upcoming Sunday, services will be located in the cafe at Burlingame High School (rather than the gyms). This move will save us a significant amount of money that we can allot for a permanent location. Our plan is to be in a full-time space, or within reaching distance of, within the next 6-months.

The space is smaller and more cost-effective. SacredKIDS will not be as close as we've been accustomed to (in a nearby classroom-- still safe and secure as always!). Overall, it is a wise move for us to better prepare us for the future. We also believe this move can have some additional benefits for our Sunday worship experience! (We spent our first several months in the cafe before construction at the school moved us to the gym in June of 2012).

What you need to know:

  • Parking: The cafe is located on the southern-most side of the school (off the main parking lot). Park in the big, main parking lot and follow the signs and we'll be very visible.
  • Kids: Because of the new location, please arrive 10-minutes early to check-in your kids and ensure you don't miss any of the service.
  • Money: Though we are saving money from this move, we are still asking those who believe in our mission and support the vision to give above-and-beyond as we prepare for the next step! If you'd like to give, you can do so online.

I am confident that this move will better enable us for the big plans that God has for us in the future to become the Church that Jesus intended. Our future has never looked brighter!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly:

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This Sunday, Missionaries to the Philippines, Mark and Sarah Brown will be joining us! I am looking forward to celebrating this new chapter with you all!