For the past several weeks, I have been referring to the importance of the SacredKIDS ministry. "Big Church" have been in a series called The Classics where we recall the timeless stories we remember of when we think about God. These stories create a framework of understanding within God's character and give us the most elementary building blocks for our faith.

We have spent 5 quality weeks building these "frameworks", but SacredKIDS uses stories like these every week! So rather than just talk about how important SacredKIDS is, I decided to put some skin in the game... Because it's just not right for me to ask anyone to do something I haven't done myself!

That's right, for a Sunday I traded-in the pulpit for a play mat to assist with the pre-k SacredKIDS. Here's some things I noticed:

My 3 quick takeaways:

  1. We have an extremely talented and dedicated leaders for this ministry. Kat and Patrice prepare lessons, projects, games and snacks each week to ensure a high-quality experience for our kids.
  2. It's not hard to assist in this ministry. Kat and Patrice are so organized with each aspect of this class, that there's no "down time" or "what do we do now" moments.
  3. I did before, but especially now, I see the value in bringing my pre-k daughter to church. The lessons, friendships, and time she spends here is critical for her longterm spiritual health.

If you are a part of Sacred and are interested in assisting with SacredKIDS yourself, let me know and I know you won't be disappointed:

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