You will not believe what just happened. I can hardly believe it, myself.

Just two hours ago, I sent out this email:

First, I am so proud of you! Last month, we committed to buy 15 Christmas gifts for children on behalf of their incarcerated parents, and you answered the call because all 15 gifts were claimed! Not only will this make for a nice Christmas, but we are believing in a continued and developed relationship with these families for years to come.

Now, I need to ask a big favor: Another church in our county committed to buying 25 gifts for kids, but they suddenly had to drop out. We don't want to leave these kids without a gift from their parent this Christmas. Maybe you wanted to participate, but didn't give a chance; or, you already bought a gift but are willing to go above and beyond. Would you consider gifting $20-25 for these gifts? If you would like to make a donation towards the gifts, or would like to get the gifts yourself, please [email Debbie] as soon as possible!

Within 2 hours, I get this text:

Within 2 hours, you said "yes" and ensured that none of these kids would go without a Christmas gift this year! That means you all are buying gifts for 38 kids (totaling about $1k) in San Mateo County on behalf of their parents who are incarcerated. And those gifts aren't just presents, they are representative of hope, redemption, love...

Last month, I thought 15 kids was risky.

This afternoon, I thought any more than 5 would be a big ask.

This evening, I am flabbergasted by the generosity of this community.

There are a lot of things that I wish our community had. Like a full-time facility. Finances to pay our incredible 100% volunteer leadership. Better advertising strategies. A larger room for our SacredKIDS space. But that stuff is insignificant to what our community really has: Tenacity. Heart. Grit.

I can't wait to share the story one day of the kids who accepted Christ into their lives because you said, "yes".

Sacred Church, you are my heroes.