As the New Year approached, I found myself quite excited for what is to come this next year of life.  It wasn’t the usual “Yay, a new year!” sort of joy, which remains on the surface and wanes rather rapidly.  No, this was (and still is!) a deep stirring within my spirit, that this is going to be an exciting year!

As I think of what God would have for me this upcoming year, I keep coming back to one word:


Not that I’ve stopped dreaming, but I feel as if God is urging me to keep on dreaming.  One thing that I’ve come to realize in life is that God’s plans are so much grander than our measly, and often pathetic plans!  But far too often, we prefer to stubbornly hold onto the reigns of our life, thinking we know better.

Sure, I have some plans and ideas of what I’d like to do in 2015, but only God knows the future… So I hold those plans with an open hand, and I dare to dream.

Most of us (even the best of us) can easily become stuck in a rut.  And I don’t mean a rut in which you can’t move at all, but rather a rut that dictates your direction.  It’s like pushing a wheelbarrow along a dirt road.  If the wheel goes into a rut that was carved out by many others taking the same path before you, it is very difficult and cumbersome to try to escape the rut.  And why would you?  What’s the point of exerting all that energy, when the path of the rut is just fine?  It’s easy.  It’s comfortable.  Why challenge it?

But there is a danger of staying within the confines of the rut. You see, the rut can symbolize different things. It could be that you find yourself in a monotonous routine of life, having long forgotten the dreams God once stirred within you. It could be that you’re in a place that God once led you to, but you’ve allowed yourself to slip into a comfortable routine. Or it could be the control of your life that you are unwilling (either out of fear, or arrogance) to surrender to God.

But as long as you stay in the rut, you settle for less than God’s best.

And even worse, you don’t allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

God has amazing plans for your life! (See Jeremiah 29:11) And we are called to live a life that is directed by the Spirit of God (see Romans 8, especially verse 14, and Galatians 5), but by remaining within the comfort of the rut, we quench the Spirit’s guiding. Escaping the rut may be difficult at first, and may even feel unsafe, but I guarantee you that a life led by the Spirit is one of peace, purpose, freedom, and adventure! If you find yourself stuck in a “rut of routine,” there is no better time than now to start dreaming again, or maybe for the first time.  So I implore you…

Jump the rut…. Dream…. And let the Spirit of God take you for a ride!!