If you're still on the fence about coming out to Sacred tomorrow, here's a couple reasons to make the jump and join us!

  1. The Sacred Band will be leading worship in a "drum circle"... meaning, they'll be some cojones, banjoes, and a lots of eclectic fun!
  2. Our Empty/Full series continues tomorrow talking about the "Tortured Soul". It's about guilt, sin and confession (Ok, I guess that doesn't sound super appealing... but trust me, you'll be encouraged, laugh a lot, and be extremely meaningful for you!)
  3. Sometimes, dogs come to church...
  4. There have been lots of answers to prayer in our community-- from people getting new jobs and raises, to healing and new friendships, God is showing up. And you'll want to be a part of what He's doing!
  5. And the last reason to come out? It will be the most meaningful, significant hour of your week! What will you gain by not coming? Think of all that could happen if you do. Join us, and dare God to do something!