The SacredKIDS Playdate Group is for parents and their kids-- for regular meetups throughout the week. Our activities range from park-trips, zoo outings, group projects at a family's home, or dinner at a food court followed by Hop-And-Play.

Of course my daughter loves getting together for friends... But what's been most meaningful for me has been the relationships I've built with the other parents. We'll often share funny stories and pray with one another when there's a hard season. It's been encouraging to share my daughter's most recent "phase" and hearing from other parent's experiences and gain some strategy. In all honesty, the parents in the SacredKIDS Playdate Group have become some of my closest friends. I feel as if I have a "tribe" that supports me (and I, them).

If you'd like to make a meetup with the group, join our facebook group where we do all of our communicating and coordinating.

-Josh, 29

This is the first installment of the "Why I Hang" series-- focusing on Sacred Church's Groups and their meaningful impact on our community. We want to defy the do-it-alone culture, and sharing our story is a significant step in that direction.