(If I had a desk, this letter would be coming from it. So, I guess this is "from the pastor's laptop that is currently sitting on his lap". The following is a quarterly progress report I sent to the Sacred Partners last week about some updates so far in 2015.)

It’s been a great 2015 so far for the Sacred Church family!

It’s been a week since Easter, and I’m still excited about what God did! We ran out of chairs (yay!), ran out of coffee (noooooooo!), and were challenged about what Resurrection means for the church. And more importantly, three people committed their lives to Jesus! You want to know something cool about those three people? Each were brought by someone from Sacred (meaning, they were personally invited). Imagine that-- your family, friends, co-workers or neighbors are being saved because you brought someone to church with you! Consider for a moment who is in your life that you can bring with you this Sunday. Let’s praise God for those three souls, and believe that there are many more to come!

And Easter wasn't a one-and-done week. Today we had to bring out more chairs than we anticipated!

We have shared even more wins so far in 2015:

  • Our sister church, Sacred Church in San Bruno officially launched! Pastor Kathy is doing an exceptional job leading this church community, and we are so fortunate to share a common mission of bringing our churches together in friendship!

  • We appointed Rosie Henderickson as our new SacredKIDS director! She has the pedigree and experience we were praying for. Our kids are in the best of hands-- so encourage your families to bring their kids to take advantage of this ministry!

  • Our missions team is gearing up for their summer trip. We are sending some of our best leaders to host a top-tier kids camp in Germany, and serving at one of our missionaries church plants in France. They’ve purchased their tickets, and are ready to head out soon!

  • We have lots of quality groups right now, but one of my current favorite is the Sacred Study Group on Monday nights. This group is a more academic approach to studying the Bible (and because this courses are from Global University, students have the option of taking the course “for credit”). Leanne, one of the students in the Study Group said this about her understanding of the Easter event: “I have such a bigger appreciation and understanding for Jesus' sacrifice after our Monday classes and all I have learned!”

Together, we are Developing Kingdom Contributors and making Jesus known!

We are thankful for your support of Sacred’s ministry and pray for your continued support and favor. If you would like to consider donating or consider automated giving, you can do so at: https://thesacredchurch.securegive.com

Be the Church!

Pastor Josh