Is it okay if I just "talk" through something? Just some raw thoughts about Mother's Day, an insight into our community, and what I hope to see this Sunday:

In most historical churches, Mothers Day is often the largest attended Sunday service outside of Easter and Christmas (because moms whose family wouldn't normally come to church, did so at 'mom's request'!) 

Sacred Church kind of diverts from the 'norm' in this regard. Many people within our young church are millennials whose parents don't belong to church, so there seems to be a small exodus to Mother's Day Brunches and such (Man, I wanna see your parents a part of the church so badly! Can we reverse the trend, and have an "invite your mom to church day"?) And just a fun fact: Whereas the average church is 60% female, Sacred has been closer to 60% male.

Mother's Day is also interesting, because it is often is met with mixed feelings.

Some women mourn Mothers Day because they aren't mothers.

Some mothers mourn Mothers Day because their children have bene lost or estranged.

Some children mourn Mothers Day because they've lost their mom or mother-like figure.

These kind of feelings make many want to retreat and hide on a day to celebrate moms.

I offer you a small challenge this mother's day: if you have a brunch scheduled with your mom, bring her to church afterwards (service starts conveniently at 11am!). In fact, I want you to bring your mom so badly that I am bringing my mom! Her and my dad be sharing part of the message on Sunday. :)

I offer you another small challenge this mother's day: If you're a woman who doesn't fit into the "mom category", we are going to take time to celebrate you, too. We have some gifts for every woman who comes on Sunday. Because you're worth it. 

I believe Sunday will be a day of comfort, encouragement and healing. And I don't want you to miss it!