I was thinking back to lent and our season of prayer and fasting a couple months ago. It was a hard 40-days... we were hungry and grumpy! But immediately following this time of prayer, we saw increase in attendance at Sacred, increase in giving, and more testimonies of how God is working in and through our community! There is no coincidence here-- when people PRAY, God MOVES! 

So let it be known-- prayer has been, and will continue to be an important part of our church community's culture. We've had an ongoing prayer group that has meet weekly since 2012!

As we head into the summer, we often feel the need to change-up the frequency to give some rest to our host home as well as give some leniency to vacations and such. But at the same time, we don't want to break our praying habits.

So for the next several months, we'll be doing some prayer meet-ups in various locations/activities to take advantage of the weather and summers schedules. We'd like to do some prayer walks, some worship-prayer infusions at various homes, and other events like this at least every-other week.

So for the next few weeks, here are our Prayer Group Meetups:

  • 6/23: Prayer Walk starting at City Hall (meet at Burlingame City Hall at 7pm)
  • 7/7: Prayer Walk at Burlingame High School (meet at BHS at 7pm)
  • 7/14: Prayer for Germany team (TBD)

This is important: though our frequency is changing a bit, we should not relent in our pursuit of contending and interceding for our community! Prayer and intercession is more important than ever at this moment, so I hope to see you at a few of our meetups.