Our 3rd Annual Baptism and BBQ will be on Sunday, August 30 at 11am at Coyote Point! This is one our favorite traditions-- we suspend our regular Sunday service to enjoy some BBQ, play some lawn games, and celebrate those who are making their faith in Jesus public!

**tell the parking attendant you're with Sacred Church and we'll cover your parking!

Interested in getting Baptised?

Baptism is an opportunity to go public with your faith, identify with and follow the example of Christ, and mark your spiritual journey. The word “baptism” literally means to immerse under water. Also, it best represents the metaphor of dying to self and coming alive to new life in Christ- you go under the water to identify with Christ’s death and burial (and symbolizing death to self) and you come out of the water to identify with Christ’s resurrection (and symbolizing your new life in Him).