A few years ago God spoke to a young man named Elisa regarding his home village far up in the mountains of Uganda. His own education had been so lacking that he felt in his heart he wanted to make a difference for the children in his area. He wanted to give them a Christian education.

Sacred San Bruno missions partners Jim & Terri Cannon visited his church (pastored by Elisa's uncle) a few weeks ago on a Sunday, and found the vision making its baby steps. 

Mud building construction, a great church, and over 300 children! Elisa is working incredibly hard, even making his own chalkboards. This type of project, under the initiative of the local community, is a wonderful connection and way to meet a true felt need.


What I want to do is this: All of the children either sit on a mud floor or on narrow wooden benches. They have no desks. In Uganda, a simple desk/bench combination seat can be constructed locally, and we would like to furnish as many desks as we can.

For the next few weeks, would you please prayerfully consider donating to the Nissi School Project, above and beyond your regular missions giving? It takes only $20 to move a child from the floor to a desk. How many can you support today? (All donations for this project are tax deductible.) 

Thank you in advanced for helping us meet this need.