At the beginning of the year, we highlighted three ministry goals, each with three action items that we wanted to aim for this year (we called it, Dream 2014).

 As we approach the half-way mark through the year, here's my self-evaluation of how we've done thus far:

Goal: Defy the “Do-it-Alone Culture” by Cultivating Meaningful Community

Action Items: Raise the standards of health and excellence for our leaders and their groups; Encourage a community that allows people to “belong before belief”; Develop an army of mentors and prayer-leaders

GRADE: B. I was pleased with the health/excellence of our community group during the Altar Ego series and I'm optimistic about our community group though the Jonah series. We remain to be a community that is exceptional at encouraging people to belong before belief. Tuesday Night Prayer and Worship consistently good and the Learning Lab on Prayer in April was extremely well-presented and attended. Overall, this ministry goal remains to be the most challenging of all three, but we have made healthy strides.

Goal: Maximize Sunday’s Opportunities

Action Items: Prioritize Sacred Kids and its ministry capacity; Fortify Guest Services so that no one gets left behind; Champion connection in worship and transformation through teaching.

GRADE: B+. The SacredKIDS' leadership has raised the standards and have gone above and beyond to provide quality lessons and projects every week (to date, every SacredKIDS volunteer is background checked and has participated in a Training Day to ensure a quality Sunday ministry time). The followup process for guest services is serviceable, but not exceptional. Sunday services has reached another level-- with higher engagement in worship, teaching, and prayer.

Goal: Reinforce Our Conviction to Being a Church for Our City (and not just a church in our city)

Action Items: Build value as an indispensable asset to our community with the Burlingame Recreation Center partnership; Expand availability for the Atria Senior Living Center outreach; Begin a meaningful relationship with a Peninsula-based Foster Care program.

GRADE: C/Incomplete. Music in the Park and Movies in the Park is set for this summer where we will be serving alongside the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department. The outreach at Atria Senior Living Center desperately needs more volunteers to meet the ministry demand. Lastly, we foresaw building a relationship with a foster care later in the year, so this item is incomplete. Overall, the potential within our grasp to be a transformative presence in our community and I believe we can step-up to the plate!

What about you? How would you grade our progress? What have you noticed in the past 6 months? What has God done in your life? Let us know by filling out the form below:

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