A Community of Contributors

We don't believe the church that Jesus intended was about the few, most talented doing the work. It's rather the whole church utilizing their gifting to edify, encourage, and equip the whole community.

The following are our volunteer teams. You can look at the commitment for each role, what kind of personality-types fit within each responsibility, and consider where you might fit best!


care team

No one get's a second first impression! Our care team goes out of their way to ensure every person is taken care of. From our greeters, ushers, and hostesses, there are both upfront and behind the scenes roles.    


Weekend Warriors

Every environment-- from the main stage to the SacredKIDS space are prepared by our Weekend Warriors. Our Setup Warriors are first to arrive and our Teardown Warriors are the last to leave. If you love being on a team where every person has a common goal (and don't mind lifting a few things), we think you'll enjoy the job!


Sacredkids leader

Science experiments, memory verses, projects, and group games! SacredKIDS is a party that invests in today's generation. From baby-holders, to lesson assistants, there isn't a personality type that can't be used in this space!


Media team

This team of enablers ensures the music has perfect levels and the presentation is on point. If you're a behind the scenes person with some technical knowledge, we might have the perfect role for you.


Worship team

One of the most distinctive aspects of Sacred is our music. If you're a person with some talent in this area and enjoy leading people in song, this team might be your place: